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2020.07.10 18:51 DyingtoBelieveAgain Family Advice

I'm a 19F. I am going into my sophomore year of college and seeking advice for how to deal with my family.
Whilst I was in my freshman year of college I realized just how messed up my family is. I went through some personal growth and have now realized I cannot continue to live in the same house as my family.
I went to college against my parent's wishes and they constantly bring up how it is a waste of time and money. My entire family is racist and homophobic to the point where they make comments daily. I am considered the black sheep because I do not go along with them. They call me a multitude of names, all with various slurs attached. They call themselves "christians", but refuse to look at others with love. They consider any race other than white to be "less than".
I'm about to lose my mind living with them, but can not afford to move out. What are some ideas for how to not let them get under my skin?
Thanks in advance. And I know I probably didn't word this the best. I'm pretty emotional at the moment.
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2020.07.10 18:51 SleepyforPresident No wine glasses? Just use a beer mug

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2020.07.10 18:51 shmelbymaroo Pit sits on the sofa

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2020.07.10 18:51 gauginggadgets How to Watch Twitch on Roku - New Working Method 2020

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2020.07.10 18:51 orangetrainwreck Luca Lush - Afterglow (Official Lyric Video)

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2020.07.10 18:51 thefeedbot JesseKellyDC: @JasonButtrill I know. I’m dying.

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2020.07.10 18:51 John_Everett HNG is all about girnding

After I earned my PTRS , I thought I finish the game and it is time to have fun . Well guess what, it is just another grind wall ahead of you . I focus all my investment on infantry of each factions for quite sometime now . I say I am about 90% done grinding the minimum requirements of ideal set of soldiers for each faction namely offensive , defensive , AT soldier and AA soldier ,mind you that is the bare minimum for my play style the branches will expand exponentially if you include the niche role infantry soldiers. Once you finished grinding infantry , you move on to grinding Paras , then tankers , then grinding pilots with APCR then pilots with HE , then recon sniper then cqc recon with car. Grind , grind , grind , you are always grinding for something . When will you get to retire and have fun ? Nevertheless grinding or progression is part of HNG . It give you sense of achievement albeit it is virtual unreal. When can I have fun ? When can you have fun ? Or grinding is fun ? Am I a masochist for playing HNG ? What do you think about HNG ?
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2020.07.10 18:51 ILFoxtrot MONCH

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2020.07.10 18:51 samiDEE1 A couple of months ago I went down a rabbit hole after reading in order to make shampoo bars I should first be familiar with CP. Today I know that's wrong... And here is my first batch!

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2020.07.10 18:51 GiganticFuckingAss Scariest ride?

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2020.07.10 18:51 BlueFrozen I am an electronic music producer in college, and looking for collabs

I am very versatile with my music, I main combine space ambient, metalcore, trap and industrial Example -
If someone interested in Collab or something else I'm down, I called this genre space rap
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2020.07.10 18:51 meg_unwell reflecting clouds

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2020.07.10 18:51 moghwan I see owls!

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2020.07.10 18:51 jak29 Long War of the Chosen not appearing in mod list

I've followed all the install instructions, I have the mod folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\XCOM 2\XCom2-WarOfTheChosen\XComGame\Mods
And it's just not appearing. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game and still nothing, I've tried AML and nothing. Can anyone help?
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2020.07.10 18:51 pelayreneil WHO Includes Airborne Transmission on New COVID-19 Guidance

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2020.07.10 18:51 R10E [r/Libertarian] When would enough be enough

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2020.07.10 18:51 DovGuy How do you use psychology in everyday life?

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2020.07.10 18:51 ArtchiMX Creo que no salieron a Recreo, los dos dias 😭

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2020.07.10 18:51 azzacel Didnt need the pic but I did lul I promise I will clean the screen soon

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2020.07.10 18:51 3Vil_Admin After lobbying, Catholic Church won $1.4B in coronavirus aid

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2020.07.10 18:51 TheHorizonsBand watch 4 watch
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2020.07.10 18:51 disabledcuntfrommars Some random teenager

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2020.07.10 18:51 kupouzar What's this fungus?

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2020.07.10 18:51 SmiteTryHard A questions about cap'd download speed vs my overall bandwidth

Hey everyone,
I had a thought while I was downloading a game through Epic Games Launcher (I know.. I just use it for the free games)
So we have virgin 100+mbs package, speedtest its showing 140 which is all fine and good. EGL download is at 13mbs, not a problem I'm not in a rush i figure its capped by the launcher. But why then with my supply of internet download speed can I not watch a twitch stream or play an online game without buffering/lag during the download?
I mean 13mbs is a drop in the water compared to what I supposedly have available for usage. For reference we have 4 devices currently hooked up to the wifi (none of which aren't directly using it, its a couple of phones and my gf's laptop being used to play the sims) do these devices take a chunk of the internet kept in reserve? Effectively 1/4ering my available supply even if the other 3/4 aren't being used? Ethernet isn't an option at my girls place btw.
Thanks for any information. I'm not an IT guy so if there's a detailed explanation for something like this please act like you're talking to a small child.
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2020.07.10 18:51 jud3rs Filing a Claim Against Surety Bond

Hi, I'm not really sure if this is the place to post this but would love to get advice from homeowners who've been in a similar situation. If you look at my post history, you'll see that I recently hired a general contractor to install a concrete patio for me. Long story short, he did a beyond terrible job (discoloration, cracking, uneven textures, the list goes on) and has now ghosted my husband and I. We had other contractors come by to look at his work and all of them basically told us that repairing wouldn't be an option (discoloration was from pouring too much water in the mix and the structural integrity was not good) and that we would have to remove and redo the patio. On top of that, they noticed that the concrete was poured right up against our home's foundation, which can create problems for the foundation. He also left a ton of oil stains in front of our driveway that he promised to clean up (but hasn't) and now our HOA is demanding us to clean it or else we get fined. Our last text message to the contractor was asking where he has been and why he's been ignoring us, asking for a 50% refund For $1750 (ideally we want a full refund of $3500 but we're trying to be reasonable and understand the time and materials it took to complete the job). Luckily for us, we have his business card which includes his license# and bond #.
Now here is where it gets sticky... the contract was mostly verbal. We do have text messages of us going back and forth on the bid and also some text messages of us telling him how poor of a quality it is. Everything was paid in cash so there's no digital footprint there either... I reached out to his bond company and they asked us to email us as many information as we possibly can. But admitted that it might be hard for us win the case.
Just wondering if anyone has experience dealing with these type of situations and if you've ever needed to reach out to a bond company to file a claim. I originally wanted 50% refund from our contractor but wondering if I should request the full amount in the claim. What were your experiences? What was the end result? Anything is helpful. Thank you.
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